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Recent changes to this site as of 13th January 2002.

Spear Peak

Welcome to the Saga

Ars Magica is a role-playing game published by Atlas Games. All the links you want to other Ars Magica sites, including the FAQ, are available via Project Redcap. If you haven't already been there I encourage you to do so.

Spear Peak is a Spring Covenant in the Greater Alps Tribunal. The saga began in 1197 and has reached 1211. After a three year (real-time) hiatus the saga was recently (7/99) restarted.

The four young magi have taken over the Covenant after the senior magi all disappeared mysteriously. Plunged into the politics of this senior Tribunal, they are clearly out of their depth.

As a result of work pressure, this site is only slowly being updated. The primary casualty is the Timeline. The Biblioteca and the House rules are most likely to be up to date.

The Covenant

The Environs

The Paraphernalia

There is a ~676k Zipped version of this site available. Last updated 30th March 2001.

Recent changes to this site as of 13th January 2002.

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